Let us find your profitability pitfalls

With SCM-applications you unfold customer- and product profitabilities in much more detail than ERP systems and the reporting systems connected to them. You recognize what produces and what destroys profit.

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Know what destroy profit |  Make better decisions |  Improve earnings

Our offer

Significant improvement for the organisations size 5- 500 Meur.

We help you to access data that supports you to reach decisions on EBITDA level.

With SCM BestPractice© solutions and training you gain remarkably more detailed information on your company’s customer and product profitability compared to typical ERPs and associate reporting SWs.

Moreover our solution rationalizes sourcing, improves forecasting and optimize stock keeping.

We aim to provide our customers with hard facts to support decision making. Using fact-based information you are able to improve profit year after year.

Our solution combines ERP-data and income statement in such a way where each operative function will only carry those costs generated by itself.

Adding business unit based or other company specific cost variables to the system is flexible. This way access to even more detailed and specific information on profitability and improvement potential becomes easier.

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Our solution

Initialization without substantial IT-project.

SCM BestPractice© -applications are ERP-independent software, which works together with your current systems.

With our applications you can easily identify customers and products that are profitable and vice versa.

You can deepen into refined profitability data with dozens of variables and, if you wish, even hundreds of reports.

Included among the in-depth reports are customer and product profitability, purchase item management, forecasting , campaign management, price indices, product policies, supplier management and tracking.

Applications are distinctly rated and there is no need to change the software you are currently using or add hardware during deployment. 

Your business data is processed and transferred securely and reliably.

We support all phases of deployment and provide hands-on training to ensure the SCM expertise of your experts.

About Us

Forerunner in data analysis knowhow

History of the company goes back to 1980’s, when Mr. Jouni Sakki (Jouni Sakki Oy) began to work within supply chain analyses.

Over time, by specializing and development of methods, a dozen books have been created and published.

Year 2010 name was changed to SCM Best Oy as Mr. Jouni Sakki stood back to adviser’s role and Mr. Ray Blomqvist took over. SCM Best Oy is a AAA-rated company.

Today we continue to specialize in cost and profitability analyses and develop our BestPractice – solution family. Our HQ is located in Helsinki.

Contact us and together we will find the best outcomes for your business.

Our services are great for:

Organizations with a large product portfolio, supplier base,
customer base, and/or amount of tied-up capital.

Companies with MEUR 5 – 500 turnover.

Large public sector organizations.

Schools that offer business and industrial management courses.

- With the help of SCM we increased our EBITDA by 29 percent -
SCM's coaching together with their software for identifying customer profitability and optimizing sales,
led us to impactful profit improvement.
Terhi Nyman

CEO, Okaria Oy

Our customers

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SCM Best Oy – Identify your profit makers and destroyers

-SCM software reveals customer and product related profitability in an uncompromising way. This is the key to success-
Many companies actually have no clue about their customers and products that really are profitable. It is important to identify the parts of business that are profitable and the ones that are not.
When I read SCM Best Oy founder’s first book about supply chain management 10 years ago, I was amped up. We have collaborated with SCM Best ever since.
I can recommend SCM for those who want to understand their business even better.
Petri Tiitola

CEO, Prima Pet Premium Oy

Identify your profit makers and destroyers

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