We identify your profit makers and destroyers

Know what generates profit – Lead with knowledge – Double your EBITDA



1. Know what destroy profit

 2. Make better decisions

 3. Improve earnings

We help you thrive

We’ll refine your ERP-data. You’ll lead with knowledge.

We’ll coach you to digitize your supply chain and transform it into superior one.


Improve productivity throughout your

whole value chain.


Do you know which part of the sales generates profit and which does not?

Problem – Unclear customer profitability, insufficient product margin, nonfunctional logistics, surprising backbonuses
Solution – Generate true customer and product profitabilities, make cost structure transparent, optimize customer service
Benefit – Sell with great margin, improve customer experience, and generate higher profit 


Our sales solution consists of e.g.

  • Operating profit level  customer and customer group profitabilities 
  • Operating profit level  product and product group profitabilities 
  • Operating profit level  seller and supplier profitabilities 
  • ABC analysis on different levels 
  • Cost factors affecting profitability 
    • mapping by activity based costing -principle 
  • Automated reports 
  • Option for data sharing with customer 
  • Data drill down filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical product tracing 
  • etc.


Do you recognize situations when procurement destroys profit?

Problem – Information about demand arrives too late, products are sold-out, forecasting is difficult, stock inflates
Solution – Anticipate demand and automate procurement through digitalization, optimize stock and workload, and measure supplier network
Benefit – More profitable procurement, freeup capital and secure availability 


Our procurement solution consists of e.g. 

  • Orderpoint calculation 
  • Automated forecasting 
  • Availability monitoring 
  • Proactive procurement 
  • Delivery reliability and service level 
  • ABC and XYZ –classifications 
  • Workload monitoring 
  • Demand trends monitoring 
  • Price / quantity simulation 
  • Over and under stock, inventory turnover 
  • Data drill down filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical product tracking 
  • etc.


How to make sure your campaigns do not run into delivery difficulties?

Problem Campaign sells, but demand cannot be met. Customer experience is deteriorating
Solution Information about campaign details to procurement in time, sales forecasting, optimize delivery reliability
Benefit – Successful campaigns, fluent deliveries and improved customer experience


Our marketing solution consists of e.g 

  • Marketing campaign management 
  • Campaign profitability calculation 
  • Demand trends before, during and after 
  • Product demand forecasts on different levels 
  • Procurement and stock optimization 
  • Data drill down filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical campaign monitoring 
  • etc.


Are you aware of the effect of the production batches on the last row?

Problem – Constant adjustment, lots of setup work, wrong production batch sizes
Solution – Optimize production batches, calculate setup costs, utilize ABC/XYZ-method
Benefit – Efficient use of resources, easier planning, improved service level


Our production solution consists of e.g.

  • Production batch optimization 
  • Procurement optimization 
  • Stock optimization 
  • Setup cost optimization 
  • ABC/XYZ-monitoring 
  • Data drill down-filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical monitoring 
  • etc.


How much could you reduce working capital and at the same time increase profit?

Problem – Impact of the fixed costs on business processes is unclear, mapping based only on “percentage of sales”-method, tedious customer-specific profitability reporting
Solution – Derive process costs from the income statement, utilize activity based costing, determine cost drivers
Benefit – Highlight your most profitable customers and products easily and more accurately, control productivity and serve your business better


Our finance solution consists of e.g.

  • Reduction of working capital
    • Optimizing of procurement and stock 
    • Improving the turnover 
    • Reducing the sales costs
  • EBITDA level process costs 
  • Fact-based support for decision making 
  • Profitable and unprofitable products and customers 
  • Better support for business units 
  • Support for (ERP)data improvement 
  • Data drill down filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical monitoring 
  • etc.


Do you recognize the actual and true supply chain costs?

Problem – Turnover is deteriorating, service level is decreasing, labor- and freight costs are increasing
Solution – Utilize the ABC/XYZ-method, monitor delivery reliability and ability, simulate delivery batches and freights
Benefit – Utilize resources more efficiently, serve better and reduce costs



Our logistics solution consists of e.g. 

  • Big picture of logistics costs 
  • Opening process costs in details 
  • A tool for reporting logistics costs 
    • to the executive team 
    • to the personnel 
  • Clear process based cost drivers 
    • Price tag for different work and process steps 
  • Decision-making tool for developing and optimizing logistic functions 
  • Drill down filtering 
  • Numerical and graphical monitoring 
  • etc.
- ROI has improved and overall profitability -

SCM's refined data and coaching enhances the organization's performance so that more can be achieved with the same team. 

Business wise, the visibility and versatility of the reports are absolutely useful.
Basic ERPs do not provide the kind of information that SCM applications produce.

Martti Eskelinen

CEO, YTM-Industrial Oy

We multiplied our profits

– Our profit has multiplied since we started using the SCM system and coaching, states
Johan Karlsson, CEO, Oy Nylund Ab.


Could we help you, too?

Our services are great for:

Organizations with a large product portfolio, supplier base,
customer base, and/or amount of tied-up capital.

Companies with MEUR 5 – 500 turnover.

Large public sector organizations.

Schools that offer business and industrial management courses.


- With the help of SCM we increased our EBITDA by 29 percent -
SCM's coaching together with their software for identifying customer profitability and optimizing sales,
led us to impactful profit improvement.
Terhi Nyman

CEO, Okaria Oy

Identify your profit makers and destroyers

Foresee demand. Automate purchases. Strengthen operational reliability. You’ll improve customer experience and increase profit.

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Identify your profit makers and destroyers

-SCM software reveals customer and product related profitability in an uncompromising way. This is the key to success-
Many companies actually have no clue about their customers and products that really are profitable. It is important to identify the parts of business that are profitable and the ones that are not.
When I read SCM Best Oy founder’s first book about supply chain management 10 years ago, I was amped up. We have collaborated with SCM Best ever since.
I can recommend SCM for those who want to understand their business even better.
Petri Tiitola

CEO, Prima Pet Premium Oy

What makes us so special?

Notable results

Our customers’ profits have improved by tens of percent, doubled or even multiplied. Together with us, you’ll make
profit numbers that are
a pleasure to showcase.


Rapid startup

We will make a swift current state analysis. You will get the basic information in just a few days.
The development project won’t require extensive software implementation.

Something on your mind? Ask us!

Unique experience

Our professionals have a total of tens of years of experience.
They have helped hundreds of companies in supply chain improvements and coached thousands of people. With the leadership of Ray Blomqvist
our team generates results.


- With SCM's solutions we can dig deep into customer profitability, and thus drive change. - 
The SCM team is adept and understands what we are really dealing with.
By analyzing customer profitability, we got into a fuller and more thorough level of understanding our business.
SCM is flexible in customizing actions and software to our needs.
Jerry Wiren

CFO, Tools Finland Oy

Identify your profit makers and destroyers

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