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Quick mapping

Customer profitability

Customer profitability analysis

  • Customer profit
  • Customer group profit
  • Sales potential
  • Customer collaboration enhancement
Product profitability

Product profitability analysis

  • Product profit
  • Product group profit
  • Supplier profit
  • Developing of supplier collaboration
  • Profitability stress test
Competitor positioning

Competitor analysis

  • Labour productivity
  • Capital productivity
  • Business evolvement
  • Up to 10 companies in comparison
  • 12 essential KPIs and graphs
Activity based costing

Activity based analysis

  • Divisioning of labour and resources
  • Prosess costs
  • Clear KPIs
  • Cost drivers
  • Actual product/customer profitability
  • Inventory turnover improvement


Lead with knowledge

Sales & Profit

Accurate information on customer and product profitability

  • Product and product group profits
  • Customer and customer group profits
  • Supplier profitability
  • Sales potential

Developing customer collaboration

Purchasing & Forecasting

 Supplier and product management

  • Product range management and product policy
  • Forecasting and purchase batch calculation
Campaigns & Availability

Campaign management

  • Planning and execution support
  • Availabity control of ongoing campaign
Supplier & KPI

 Strategic supplier management

  • Qualitative and quantitative indicators and graphs
  • Free to adjust dimensions
Price & Trend

Purchase price variations and indices

  • Purchase and sales prices compared to market prices
  • Price development follow-up


Deeper view

Double the profit

Profit potential and efficiency to C-level

  • Supply chain and profitability
  • Supply chain cost mapping
  • Overheads mapping
  • Customer follow-up
  • ABC, segmenting, sortiment
  • Wise stock keeping
  • Price indises
  • Pricing principles
  • Demand supply chain collaboration
  • Demand supply chain cost structure presenting 
Purchase optimization

Purchase streamlining

  • Product policy creation
  • Maintaining optimal purchase levels
  • Inventory level and order based products’ optimal control
  • Clear forecasting methods
  • Automatic parameter update into ERP system
  • Inventory tied-up capital minimizing


Improving of materials management

Materials management

For persons responsible for sourcing

  • Sourcing and bottom line
  • Importance of material management
  • Optimal warehouse size
  • Cost of sourcing
  • Cost of stock keeping
  • Purchase batches and order timing
  • KPIs
  • ABC / XYZ
  • Optimal purchase batch
  • Management’s responsibility on inventory tied-up capital


Person available

Support to improve productivity

Part-time resourcing

  • Sourcing and warehouse resource needs mapping
  • Layout plans
  • Digitizing needs
  • Process mapping
  • Life cycles studies
  • Interim manager
  • SCM 360o –implementation support
Flexible pricing method


  • Project-specific
  • Flexible conditions
  • Hourly-based
  • From 4h/week
-SCM software reveals customer and product related profitability in an uncompromising way. This is the key to success-
Many companies actually have no clue about their customers and products that really are profitable. It is important to identify the parts of business that are profitable and the ones that are not.
When I read SCM Best Oy founder’s first book about supply chain management 10 years ago, I was amped up. We have collaborated with SCM Best ever since.
I can recommend SCM for those who want to understand their business even better.
Petri Tiitola

CEO, Prima Pet Premium Oy

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